Bluesnarfing, Bluejacking, Typosquatting and Other Cyber Terms You Need to Know Now

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Bluesnarfing, Bluejacking, Typosquatting and Other Cyber Terms You Need to Know Now
Cybersecurity can be complicated to talk about, with new terminology popping up about as often as a big data breach. Ask yourself: Do I know the difference between bluejacking and bluesnarfing? What would I say if my client asked about the dangers of typosquatting? Check out this key terms glossary to familiarize yourself with the language of cybersecurity.

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Cutting Through the Noise Of Wireless Video Transmission
Once simply a dream of sending data through the air, wireless has become a must-have in our everyday lives. And as we rely more and more on the technology and the concept, people have become much more comfortable with transmitting their surveillance video through the air as well.

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Creating a More Responsible Security Ecosystem
Cyber:Secured Forum delivers two days of in-depth content on cybersecurity trends and best practices related to the delivery of physical security systems and other integrated systems. Hear more about the inaugural event from the leaders of PSA Security Network, Security Industry Association (SIA), and ISC Security Events (Reed Exhibitions).

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Cyber Security & the Internet of Things
With new cyber threats almost daily, SDM asks the experts about the burgeoning Internet of Things; its impact on access control and smart buildings; and how it can be secured.

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Cyber Security & Its Impact On Operational Technologies
OT systems, such as video surveillance, are becoming increasingly interconnected and integrated with other IT systems, increasing their attack surface and making them more vulnerable.

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