Closer look at similarities in characteristics and behaviors of each generation

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Seeing Past the Generational Stereotypes in Your Security Business
You may have heard the stereotypes, “Millennials are selfish, entitled, demanding, and not to mention, addicted to technology. Generation X is unfazed by authority and are skeptical and negative. Baby Boomers live for their jobs. Traditionalists are lost on technology.” While it can be easy to generalize, when we look closer, we may see that generations actually share some similar characteristics and behaviors.

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The Benefits of Hands On Learning
Have you ever thought about how your approach to learning has changed over the years since entering the workforce? PSA director of education Anthony Berticelli talks hands on learning and the benefits of active engagement in this quick video.

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Most Popular Brands Among the 2018 SDM Top Systems Integrators
Which suppliers do the largest systems integrators use? This Top Systems Integrators brand-usage report lists the manufacturers and distributors that earn their business.

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Practical Advice for Getting Surveillance Video From Point A to Point B
As cameras and other video devices demand greater power and greater transmission distances, integrators face numerous critical challenges in video system design and deployment.

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5 Hacks for Better Weekly Security Sales Meetings
Most salespeople hate the weekly sales meeting. You know the one. Everyone on the sales team gathers around for an hour-long discussion about which rep got closer to making a sale, while also covering menial housekeeping issues.

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This 1 Thing Can Lead to a Ton Of New Security Sales
Think about how things are in your local market. Most of you all sell the same equipment. Most of you install the equipment in the same way, monitor it in the same way, and sell it for about the same prices and terms. So, how can the guy who needs a system for his new home and family distinguish you and your company from the other guy? Most likely it won’t be through technology. You hope it won’t be on price.

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