Plus: how to prepare for evolving cybersecurity risks

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SDM is excited to bring you this exclusive Integrator Insider series, in partnership with PSA Security Network. Throughout the year, this series will bring you videos, news, tools and training information that will help you succeed. On behalf of our team, thank you for reading!

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Security Leadership Series: Don’t Stress Over PRESSURE
Stress and pressure are two words that are often used interchangeably; but what if linking stress and pressure together doesn’t have to be the case? One does not always correlate to the other, and when we confuse these concepts, the benefits of both stress and pressure are quickly diminished. Understanding the difference between these words and learning how to leverage them in different leadership applications could mean the difference between success and failure for you and your team.

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New Whitepaper Guides Integrators Through Key Information Security Controls
Security through obscurity is a thing of the past. Integrators must protect themselves against constantly emerging threats – they owe it to their customers and their organizations to maintain an adequate level of cyber security. Developed by the PSA cybersecurity committee, this whitepaper is designed to provide a plain language explanation of key information security controls and their implementation in the authors' respective organizations.

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Cyber Security & Its Impact On Operational Technologies
As the world becomes more interconnected, networked equipment, software and data are increasingly susceptible to security breaches. In the past, the protection of such equipment, software and data was the sole responsibility of information technology (IT) teams. However, as more devices are introduced and more operational technology (OT) takes advantage of IT networks, the attack surface becomes more difficult to control and monitor.

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Prepare for Evolving Cybersecurity Risks
As technology progresses in our industry, so too does the evolving flurry of cybersecurity risks that impact our businesses in very real ways. While there is great uncertainty about what cybersecurity issue will be next on the horizon, one thing is for sure – all security professionals share in the responsibility to garner education and tools to support efforts for responsible growth in the face of such cyber issues.

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Who Owns The Door?
For each door opening, there are dozens of mechanical and electrified components, specified and sourced from multiple manufacturers. The end product must meet the design, form, and budget of the architect, security consultant, and end user. The general contractor has to coordinate an array of subcontractors, each responsible for a different phase of delivery, installation, and integration. Not to mention the security and it teams responsible for software implementation, compliance, and ongoing operation and maintenance.

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